Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar needs no introduction, but let me introduce it anyway. It’s housed in an un-assuming…house…in Lawrenceville. If it weren’t for the sign out front, I would have kept wandering around 39th Street and possibly wandered into someone’s actual home. Stepping inside is like going back in time. I feel like I’m in a colonial-era saloon. Wood planks cover the walls and line the floor. The bar is a wide slab of wood propped up with barrels. As a nod to modern times, they thankfully accept credit cards.


-Breaking Brews, 3.22.2016

... A diverse selection of cider, ranging from "bone dry" to sweet. The refined, crisp flavor of the drink has more in common with wine than it does with a commercial cider like Woodchuck. The juice is locally sourced -- it comes from Soergel's, an apple orchard in nearby Wexford -- and all fermentation is done on-site.


-On the Rocks, 12.14.2011

Larkin said they can make more 30 varieties of cider and fruit wine, with six to eight available to taste and buy at any one time.


-Tasting Room, 7.22.2013

The three-story, red brick home sits across the way from the 39th Street wall of the Civil War-era Allegheny Arsenal, an association upon which the Larkins hope to capitalize. Labels for their various ciders and wines will feature military images — cannons, Civil War generals and so on.


-Art in the Age, 6.17.2010



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